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What is the best swimming-related entertaining stuff to watch with kids? Netflix streams incredible
movies for kids to have fun, amusing, and popcorn-ish nights! Here’s the top 10 list.

1. Finding Nemo

Swim Movies

The all-time favourite movie across all age groups was nominated at the Oscars. The story of a clownfish father, Marlin, and the adventurous voyage to find his son, Nemo, has captivating moments of delight for the kids.

2. Finding Dory

Swim Movies

After Finding Nemo, Dory’s cute antics, struggles of vague memories, and adventure of finding her long-lost parents with friends will set you spiralling with lovely emotions. Watch this amnesiac blue tang fish partner with friends (including Nemo and Marlin – the clownfish father-son duo from the prequel) go on a journey.

3. Moana

Swim Movies

The burly, bald, and handsome Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson surprises kids with this new Avatar of Maui – the demigod in this animated movie. The story sets off with a young brave girl named Moana who defies fears and challenges to become a master way-finder and correct the wrongs made by the boastful yet kind-hearted Maui.

4. Shark Tale

Swim Movies

Back in 2004, the comical character of Oscar as an animated Bluestreak cleaner wrasse in this movie pleased kids and adults alike. The intriguing impressions from old crime-lord movies like The Godfather humorously entertain the audience. Give it a watch!

5. Deep

Swim Movies

Though not a movie, the Deep animated series of daring underwater exploration does inspire kids to discover the uncharted areas of the oceans. As the Nekton family sets off for deep-sea exploration to unravel mysteries, this series on Netflix is a must-watch!

6. The Deep

Swim Movies

Sharing the same name with the above, Deep is a movie of underwater creatures on a daring journey to search for a home in the post-apocalyptic 2100 era, where humans do not live on earth anymore.

7. Splash

Swim Movies

The character of Tom Hanks falls in love with a mermaid who had once rescued him when he was a kid. A scientist plots against this mysterious woman for her exposure, but will he succeed? Do the lovers complete their stories ever again?

8. H2O Series

Swim Movies

Human-turned-mermaids and that too with special powers, how does that sound? Excitingly magical, right? Check out the H2O stuff on Netflix and spin-offs for an interesting journey of three friends turning mermaids and living underwater.

9. Soul Surfer

Swim Movies

Bethany Hamilton’s story of ‘soul-surfing’ inspires various individuals over the world. Losing an arm to a shark attack and returning with the surfboard to compete in the sport is an extraordinary story for any human being.

10. Touch the Wall

Swim Movies

Well, it’s not categorically made for children, but it has got everything to inspire young swimming athletes to follow the path of swimming superstar Missy Franklin and her journey of greatness after facing the intermittent obstacles in life.

Thanks for reading, I hope you will enjoy some of these movies recommendations!

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