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Lockdown affected millions of people across the world, including avid swimmers. Local pools were closed for several months, leaving many people unable to do their favourite form of exercise. If you decided to take advantage of the lockdown and take a break from exercise, you might be worried about getting back into the pool.

Getting back into exercise after a long break

It’s always a challenge getting back into exercise after taking time off. The same applies to swimming! Putting on your swimsuit and getting back in the pool feels like a challenge when you’ve had a long break, but it’s not as bad as you might think. Even if you feel out of practice and unfit compared to your pre-lockdown self, you can easily build up your fitness again.

Don’t overdo it

Getting back in the pool

Start slow and ease yourself back into exercise. Your first session back in the pool should be light and short, so you don’t leave feeling super tired. After your first few sessions, you should find you start to feel better and more motivated to get your swimming kit on and do a few laps.

It’s important to build up a regular habit of going to the pool. Even if you start at one session per week, this is a great start! From here, you can add in extra sessions and slowly increase the intensity of your workouts.

Before pools reopen, make sure to eat healthily and fuel your body with good carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Drinking enough water is key to staying hydrated when you start swimming again.

Practise other forms of exercise prior to getting back in the pool. This could be walking, jogging, or yoga. Anything that will increase your heart rate and get your muscles working, reading to exercise regularly after lockdown.

Things to expect

Swimming uk

Things might be a little different when you go back to your local pool after lockdown. Here are some things you should expect when you return.

  1. You will likely have to sanitise your hands when you enter
  2. Expect to see several cleaning stations positioned around the pool and in the changing rooms
  3. There will be an increased frequency of cleaning in the pool and changing room areas
  4. You will probably have to wear a mask when you’re not in the pool

To prepare for the new measures when you go back after lockdown, make sure you comply with the rules of your local pool. Pack a hand sanitiser, a face mask, and cleansing wipes in your bag so you have everything you need to stay clean and safe.

Initially, it will feel odd to go to the pool and have to follow these strict rules. Over time, the rules should lessen until things eventually go back to normal.

Make it fun

Getting Back in the Pool After Lockdown

When you go back to the pool after lockdown, focus on making it fun. Nobody wants to go to the pool and do the same workout every time. Keep your workouts varied and switch them up each week to help you stay motivated.

You can vary your swims by changing the number or length of intervals, mix up your strokes, go with a friend, play around with breath control. All of these will ensure your workouts are unique, making you more likely to get back into the pool regularly.

You could buy a fitness watch to help you track your workouts and progress, or you can also book a session with a professional instructor. This will give you something to work towards and will increase your motivation to swim.

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