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Whether you’re just getting into swimming, or you’re a pro in the pool, you will definitely benefit from seeing what other swimmers are doing. Learning from others in the field will enhance your knowledge, and improve your swims!

There are several places you can find amazing swimming information, YouTube being one of them. Just one quick search on YouTube’s homepage will pull up hundreds of channels that are dedicated to swimming.

Let’s go through some swimmer YouTube channels that are worth a watch.

Podcasts and race reviews

Swimming Youtube Channels

This channel combines a regular swimming podcast with top tips to improve your swimming technique and stroke. The podcast features a number of solo episodes and guest episodes. It covers interesting stories and transformations that will inspire you to reach your swimming goals.

This channel has a series called ‘Dressel Dissect’ where Caleb covers races and world records, giving his expert commentary on these events. His audience is super engaged, evident by a quick read of the comments section on any of his videos.

Although this channel hasn’t posted for a few months, there are loads of existing videos on the channel that you can go back and watch. OhSean Swims covers races and competitions, showing actual footage and giving great insight to the world of professional swimming.

General swimming channels and product reviews

Swimming Youtube

Cody Miller posts vlog-style videos centred around swimming. He is an Olympic swimmer that shares his adventures and achievements, giving you an insight into the life of a swimmer.

If you’re looking for information on the best products you can buy to enhance your swimming practice, this channel is the one for you. TheSwimSuitGuy posts multiple times a week, with videos that are dedicated to reviewing tech suits and swimming accessories, alongside vlog-style videos.

Vlogs by pro swimmers

Pro Swimmer Youtuber

Michael Andrew is a professional swimmer with a love for film. He posts regular content focused on swimming to share his journey and personal life with his followers. If you’re interested in learning how a swimmer trains, or to want to see behind the scenes of a swimming race, this channel is great for you.

Adam Peaty is an Olympic champion swimmer. His videos cover everything to do with swimming, including world records, races, advice, and Q&As. He gives helpful, informative advice but keeps his videos relaxed and entertaining.

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