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Swimming in the Morning

Best Time Of The Day For Swimming

The main benefit of swimming in the morning is that it gets your workout done and dusted before its hit midday. There are also studies showing the fat-burning benefits of swimming in the mornings, before breakfast when your stomach is empty. Swimming around one hour before you eat your first meal means the body dips into fat or glycogen stores for energy. The glycogen stores are then replenished when you eat.

Not only this, but swimming first thing can boost your metabolism for the rest of the day, helping you to burn more calories whilst at rest.

Swimming in the Afternoon

Best Time For Swimming

If the thought of getting into the pool as soon as you wake up sounds horrifying to you, don’t worry. There is also evidence to show that swimming in the afternoon has health benefits.

You will have more energy taking a swim after you’ve eaten breakfast and lunch. This will improve your performance and endurance. Afternoon swimming could be great for you if you like to get other work done in the mornings. You will be able to fully relax and enjoy your swim knowing you have completed your important tasks for the day.

If you swim in the afternoon, you will still gain the benefits of the exercise, such as increased muscle strength and endurance and improved coordination. And these health benefits can be maximised whilst you rest and recovery in the evenings.

Swimming in the Evening

What is the best time for swimming?

For those who work 9-5, the evening might be the only time you can get in a swim. Taking a dip in the pool is great to relieve the stress of a hard workday and allows you to relax fully. Studies show that your muscles are at optimal temperature in the evenings, meaning your performance might be better.

No matter what time you swim, you will still get several benefits from exercising. It’s important to consider every factor when it comes to deciding what time of day is best for you to swim. Remember that if you swim at the time that you find most enjoyable, you’re more likely to stay motivated to keep going back to the pool!

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