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Not everybody wants to swim endless laps in the pool. Sometimes we’re out with our friends and we want to play something that everybody can enjoy. Here are the top 10 best games to play in the pool for summer.

1. Swimming Races

Games To Play In The Pool

This is a super fun pool game that needs no equipment. Simply get some of your friends and race them to see who can swim the fastest!

2. Freeze Tag

Best Games to Play in the Pool for Summer

Freeze tag is a classic children’s game. One person gets frozen and you have to swim in between their legs to unfreeze them. This is a great game to practise your underwater swimming technique whilst having lots of fun with your friends and family.

3. Relay

Best Games to Play in the Pool for Summer

Relay races are a great way to get everybody involved so the whole family has some fun in the pool. Use an inflatable ball as the relay item to pass on to each person in the race. The fastest swimmers will win!

4. Inflatable Pool Volleyball

Pool Volleyball

Inflatable pool volleyball is a great way to combine water with sports. Get yourself an inflatable volleyball set and gather a group to split into teams. How competitive you get is up to you!

5. Inflatable Table Tennis

Inflatable Table Tennis

If you love ball games, another inflatable device you can buy for the pool this summer is inflatable table tennis.

6. Water Guns

Water Guns Swim Pool

There’s nothing more fun than squirting your friends with a water gun in the heat of summer. You can opt for a smaller, powerful water gun, or a larger, impressive one to surprise those around you with a spray of water!

7. Inflatable Beer Pong

Inflatable Beer Pong

Beer pong inflatable games are perfect for those of you who want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage whilst chilling in the pool.

8. Inflatable Log Flume Jousting

Inflatable Log Flume Jousting

9. Swim Through Rings

swim underwater floaty rings

If you want to practise your swimming whilst playing with your friends this summer, get some swim through rings. Each ring has a small inflatable floaty attached to it, so you can change the buoyancy and the depth you need to swim to get through the ring.

10. Treasure Hunt

Swim Treasure Hunt

Get your parents or friends to hide various items around the pool, and go on a hunt to find them all. What’s your prize going to be if you succeed?

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